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Improve your workflows with Frama RSign™. E-Signatures made simple and secure.

Full featured service

Full featured

Use pre-defined templates, assign roles, get instant overviews with the built-in management dashboard, Frama RSign has been developed to help you simplify your document workflows.
Datenschutzkonforme Verschlüsselung mit Compliance zur DSGVO 2018

Meet Standards

All you need: Auditable proof of the whole e-sign process. Frama RSign complies with GDPR, eIDAS for advanced electronic signatures and other international regulatory standards and data protection acts.
  • Management dashboard Frama RSign
  • Registered email receipt
  • Workflow digitalisation and management
  • Typed signature styles
  • Handwritten signature with the mouse
  • Supplementing terms and conditions to documents

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Design your workflow

Easy, configurable document preparation & sending

With clear focus on simplicity, Frama RSign lets you prepare and send documents for electronic signature within seconds. The management view provides real time access to all statistics and provides in-views about your documents during signature process.

  • Prepare documents with drag & drop

  • Use templates

  • Protect personal or confidential information via passwords and encryption

  • Obtain multi-party signatures and define signature sequence


Available Drag & Drop fields for documents

Configure every field according to your workflow and requirements. Simply drag and drop the fields where required (position, size, length, font, color) onto your document. All fields will be added automatically to the signer's checklist which will guide each of the signers through the process.

Selection of Frama RSign input fields:

  • Signature field (to sign by hand, mouse or keyboard)

  • Text (for any content)

  • Signer's name (pre-filled if signer has used Frama RSign before)

  • Signer's title (pre-filled if signer has used Frama RSign before)

  • Company (pre-filled if signer has used Frama RSign before)

  • Date (calendar tool)

  • Initials

  • Email address (with optional double opt-in verification)

  • Checkbox

  • Radio buttons (different groups per document possible)

  • Date stamp

It couldn't be easier

Simple and straight forward document preparation and sending: prepare and send from anywhere. Frama RSign runs in any browser giving you flexibility and indepence while maintaining data protection requirements and your IT company rules.

Intuitive: Document preparation with Drag & Drop

Forget form editors. Simply load any Word document or Excel or PDF files into Frama RSign and use the drag and drop function to place fields of any kind (signature, name, company, date stamp, checkboxes, radio buttons, calendar, date etc.) to their designated position.

Design workflows

Are one or more signatures required (multi-party signature)? In which signing order? Define "required" and "optional" fields as well as document expiration dates, reminder emails, cover texts and the level of security (document access and document security).

Support of multi-party signatures

Our signature service supports different ways for signing documents such as multi-party signature. Just as an example: Sender and recipient sign at the same time. The signed document is then forwarded to the next party for counter sign. Adding signees is that easy, just a click on the "+" sign!

Signature modes

Each document is different. Frama RSign supports your workflows and allows different signature modes, sequential (one after the other) or parallel (all together or first come - first sign).

Multiple document formats

Frama RSign supports any Microsoft Office document (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) or PDF as well as image files and many more.


Once prepared, all documents can be saved as Frama RSign templates or rules for future use. There is no need to create documents each time you need them. Simply select your template, and add the signer's data. That's all!


We are all busy and may forget important things. Frama RSign automatically (and kindly) reminds signers that a document is still waiting to get signed.

Data Protection

Frama RSign has several options to protect private or personal data according to data protection acts such as GDPR or HIPAA. You may protect the document with an access code, and signers are required to enter the code to open the document.


Frama RSign provides email encryption to protect the final document during distribution to comply with data protection law.

Easy to sign

Simple, guided signing process

Frama RSign's signing process is child's play. The provided checklist guides the signer through the process, step by step, and field by field. This reduces mistakes and incomplete documents, optimises the signers experience and saves you administrative costs.

  • Guided signing via checklist

  • Select your signature style (typed or hand written)

  • Document workflow with automatic reminders

  • Digital signatures for document integrity (digital sealing)


Sign from all over the world

Frama RSign runs in every browser and can be used from almost every device with internet connection.

Designed for simplicity

A color coded checklist guides the signer through the process, step by step. Clicking on a field in the checklist scrolls the document automatically. No unnecessary poking around, no missing fields or information!

Fast, faster, Frama RSign

An excellent user experience makes a service successfull. With Frama RSign, you can trust that your documents will have shorter turnaround times in comparison to a paper based workflow. Automatic reminders will help increasing the efficiency of your workflows.

No software installation or registration necessary

Important from a recipient's point of view: With Frama RSign, there is no need for an account registration, software installation or similar. Just use a web browser.

Signature types

Let your customers decide how they want to sign the document. Frama RSign supports hand-written signatures (by mouse or pen) or typed-in signatures. The system, in addition, adds a digital certificate to seal the content and protocol priving legally binding contracts.


Frama RSign supports you with its built-in automation. Reminders (even recurring reminders) can be sent automatically, if a document has not been signed within a specified expiration time.

Workflow flexibility

Frama RSign offers you the highest flexibility in your processes and workflows around the electronic signature due to its multitude of options and settings. Recipients may delegate signature (if they are not the intended signee), they may cancel (with a cancelation notice) or sign.

Process and document integrity

Once signed by the participating parties, the final document is digitally signed using an advanced certificate to seal the content and the signature protocol. If however, the document was later tampered with, the electronic seal will be broken and the document will be rated as invalid.


Create templates for your frequently used documents. Add roles, terms and conditions, email body, document fields and much more to create a document dedicated workflow. Templates can be used again and again.

  • Templates with associated workflows

  • Document settings, roles and timeframes

  • Share templates with teams or individuals

  • Team or person only templates

  • Formats: Word / PDF


Save document placeholders, field tags and positions

You can save your prepared documents at any time and complete them later. However, you can also save your documents as templates and make them available for future use, again and again. Insert rules and text tags for daily tasks and automation.

Save complete workflows

Each Frama RSign template is associated with roles (signer, pre-filler, CC), expiration dates, security settings, reminders, terms and conditions etc. All these elements can be saved together with your document template to enhance productivity.

Sharing files and datasets in a team

Templates and rules can be shared with other members of your team or organisation depending on rights management.

Power at your fingertips

Templates are a Frama RSign feature that let you save not only documents together with signature, text and date fields. Templates are powerful, as they allow to link a complete workflow to a document. This eases efficient document preparation and sending.

Setup your document

Prepare your document easily via drag & drop. Drag the required fields to their positions, drop them off and assign the role (indicating who will be required to sign), choose between optional or mandatory fields and set field lengths, color and fonts.

Create the document's workflow

Add signer roles, document routing and specific settings. Frama RSign templates contain a complete workflow associated with the "master" document. This includes signer roles, expiration date, reminder notification settings, access management, cover texts, terms and conditions, document separation after signature and much more.

File types

Frama RSign templates may be created from various file types. PDF files and Word documents support rules. This allows you to process pre-filled and almost completed documents just waiting for signatures. Load rule, assign document and send off!

Document management

Features & settings

Use the integrated tracking and reporting feature of Frama RSign to stay ahead. Know exactly what is happening with your documets. Be aware when documents time out. Receive real-time information when signers sign or refuse to sign.

  • Document tracking

  • Signature protocols

  • Auditable proof of compliance with international standards

  • Team and user settings via rights management


Auditable Proof

Frama RSign has been rated 5 of 5 for compliancy with technical and industry standards in the Forrester Wave™ E-Signature Report by Forrester Research Inc. Frama RSign provides GDPR compliant encryption (Article 5, §1f and Article 32, §1a), document access protection and corresponds to eIDAS advanced signature requirements.

The complete signing process is sealed via an advanced digital certificate.

Frama RSign includes the following elements for an auditable proof about what has been signed by whom and when:

  1. AES 256bit salted encryption to protect confidental and personal information
  2. Access restrictions to documents via password
  3. Signature protocoll (sealed via digital certificate)
  4. Advanced digital certificate compliant to eIDAS
  5. Registered Receipt™ to provide GDPR conformity for distribution of private or personal data

Real time updates

Receive latest information about your documents via the built-in management dashboard or the "Manage" tab, where all documents are monitored. Real time updates inform you whenever documents are signed, cancelled, forwarded or completed. Knowing the facts is key for any team manager and administrator.

Document storage and management

All finished documents are optional stored and available for further processing or archiving.

Auditable proof of compliance

Frama RSign provides you with an auditable proof of compliance: official UTC time stamps, IP addresses of all signers and prefillers including sender, details of access protection and encryption. Frama RSign is compliant to GDPR, eIDAS for advanced electronic signatures, HIPAA, ESIGN and UETA.

Track and Trace

Keeping track of your sent documents is easy. Frama RSign provides you with real-time updates, who has signed, delegated, forwarded or cancelled a document.


Create meaningful reports by campaign, by team, by document type, by subject etc.

Groups and user access rights management

Company admins can create and manage use and role based settings and permissions.

API and automation

Each feature and element of your documents can be fully automated with Frama RSign's APIs giving you an all-in-one solution for your workflow requirements.

  • API integration to ERP systems

  • API for sending for signature

  • API to retrieve signed documents

  • API for reporting and key performance indicators

Please contact Frama for additional information on API integration. Our specialists will be happy to assist your personally.


APIs to extend and connect to ERP, CRM and CMS systems

Frama RSign can be fully integrated into your business applications with its REST API (representational state transfer). Each function and each field can be accessed in read or write mode. Data exchange can be organised via XML.

Form Field Tags

PDF files and Word documents can be prepared with form field tags. Your business application pre-fills the content and sends the document using a rule.

Administration management

Configure and manage

Configure Frama RSign according to your needs and requirements. Management and monitoring of all settings and workflows by your in-house IT specialists.

  • Setup and configuration

  • Integration into existing processes and software applications

  • Rights management

  • Roles and authorisations

  • Release management

  • Online portal for user administration