Frama Home Office Initiative
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What is the Home Office Initiative?

We know that it takes time to work through business purchase decisions. Because of the urgency, Frama has established a process where you can use RSign immediately. The Frama Home Office Initiative runs until May 15th and includes 200 RSign envelopes and 500 RMail messages. More information about the Frama Home Office Initiative for RMail can be found here.

If you did not purchase a paid service plan for RSign on May 15th, you will automatically be placed on a free plan, you do not need to do anything. This will give you time to complete your procurement process in a reasonable timeframe while giving you access to the tools you need today.

*For more information please contact your local account manager or sales team. Thank you very much.

RSign Product Tour (Video)

400 signatures until 15.05.2020

The following services are available with this free Home Office Initiative plan:

  • 1 x Frama RSign license for 400 documents (2x200 per month) for one email address until 15.05.2020.

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