Electronic signatures

4. December 2017

Can I use my own signature with RMail?

Yes, click on “RMail Options” and select “Signature Pad”. You can provide each email with your signature (embedded with IP number and desktop time) and the attachments with a digital signature (Digital Seal).
4. December 2017

Can several people sign electronically with RMail?

Yes, anyone who receives a contract or an agreement and is listed in the recipient list can sign the document. The recipient of the fully signed document will see all signatures. All undersigned persons will also receive a copy of the fully signed document.
4. December 2017

Is an electronic signature equivalent to a hand-written signature?

Depending on the country, occurrence and area of application, the legal regulations and provisions differ. Frama advises to make a risk benefit assessment in conjunction with a legal advice before using an electronic signature solution. Frama cannot give legal advice for evident reasons.